Wild Fires

Wild Fires

How do fires start?

The majority of wildfires are unintentional, caused through carelessness. The most common causes are:

  • Unextinguished/poorly managed barbecues
  • Discarded cigarettes
  • Litter, including glass which causes intense heat
  • Campfires

Laws regarding public BBQs can vary between local authorities. Some areas completely prohibit lighting any fires, including BBQ fires in all outdoor spaces including parks as well as green public spaces. In order to avoid fines and to avoid causing a wild fire, always check with the local authority to see where and when you can have a BBQ in a public area. Some authorities have designated areas within public spaces for BBQs.

Barbecues, disposable barbecues or any form of open fire and flame are not permitted in the open countryside anywhere in the Peak District. This position is shared by all major landowners in the area and Public Space Protection Orders (PSPOs) which directly prohibit the use of items such as disposable BBQs, fireworks and open fires are also in place in some local authority areas.

The risk of fire in the open countryside can cause catastrophic damage to wildlife, habitats and put emergency services at risk. The impact of wild fires can cost many millions of pounds to charities, landowners and businesses.

Reporting a wild fire

If you see a wild fire in progress, call 999 and report to the Fire Service.

If you would like to anonymously report or provide information on a deliberate firesetting, contact FireStoppers on 0800 169 5558 or visit www.firestoppersreport.co.uk

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